Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Singin' in the rain, and other musical awesomeness

An all-time favorite....

French style!
Ignore the video, it's awkward to watch people recording songs.

Nora Arnezeder behind the scenes.

This song is awesome. I must say that I've liked every remake I've heard of this song, ever.

Usher (Yes, Usher. Watch it, you'll like it!)


And the one and only Gene Kelly of course. Sadly, all his videos can't be embedded :( But here's one link. If you really want a mood boost, watch "Moses Supposes"

Gets me every time.

More Nora Arnezeder you say? OK then:

From my latest favorite movie, Faubourg 36 (Paris 36 in the U.S.) I really want to learn this one actually.

Did I mention I started taking voice lessons? I'm so excited. You'd think growing up with a professional opera singer for a father, I would already have gotten on that a while ago... But he always said my voice had to mature first. When I told him I was taking lessons from a friend (who has a degree in vocal performance and performed with the BYU Singers no less, so this isn't some high school choir flunk-out we're talking about...) He panicked at the thought of his daughter being corrupted by American techniques and insisted on teaching me right there and then, via webcam. I have proof too:

Pictured above showing me how I should be shaping my mouth... It's amazing I have a straight face in this picture. Gosh I love my papa!
Anyway, I guess I have two voice teachers now.

Ok, one last one:

Although in all truth, to really appreciate this one you have to watch the movie. You'll just have to brush up on your French then!

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