Monday, January 17, 2011

Pasta continued

Well it turned out pretty dang well if you ask me!

made my dough, let it sit for a while, rolled it out nice and thin...

It needs to be thinner than you'd think it should be, because it puffs up quite a bit in the water. My first noodle was pretty fat

And I used quite a bit of flour so it wouldn't stick while I was rolling it out, which made the noodles kind of slimy... a quick fix for that was just to rinse them in cold water before cooking. It also firmed them up so they could sit there waiting for a while. I like to cook pasta in water with some chicken broth to add flavor, personally. 

Anyway, I don't have a fancy pasta roller machine but my rolling pin worked well, and then to cut the strips this is a neat trick I found:

Roll it up, slice, and unroll immediately!

Beautiful no?

What's nice too is that fresh pasta cooks faster

We had ours with some good veggies and garlic cream sauce :)

Moral of the story: it's lots of fun to do, fairly straightforward, but it does take a while to do. I imagine it would be quite a bit more efficient with the right tools. It is definitely a lot of fun though. And the noodles were very good, if I do say so myself :)


  1. i'm jealous you get good food and I don't. I have a lot of work to do...:-) Looks yummy.

  2. I'm sorry! the noodles really were easy to make, maybe you can make a chinese version of them!