Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog book?

I just read this post over at "Or so she says" and I'm pretty excited about it.

She essentially explains how she made her blog into a photo book using blurb, and I can't wait to get started. I've always wondered how I could preserve everything I've done with this blog, because it really has been the most consistent of my records. (My journal doesn't get much attention...) While I do think I need to write more in my journal, I love using this blog as a record of events and coming and goings, and some of my thoughts on life. I think that a journal could be more useful as a recording of spiritual impressions and revelation, and so I guess this is one of my goals for this year: I'm in a D&C religion class and all of this talk of revelation has really got me thinking. I also have a theory on Joseph Smith, but I'll talk about that later because right now I have to get to class!

And thanks for reading, for those of you who do. It's nice to not be a voice in the wilderness too often.

I also need to get in on this...


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