Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas vacation

It was so wonderful to go to Andrew's parents' house for 10 FULL DAYS, probably the longest break I've had in a long time. I had to telecommute some, but it wasn't nearly too bad. It was great in fact. And we had such a good time.

Our cute nephew had a great Christmas; he's really into Toy Story right now, so he got Toy Story (and Cars) themed everything! And let me tell ya, it's so much more fun with kids around on Christmas morning.

His parents came up with the clever idea to stage quite the scene. You see, he opened all his gifts and there was a Woody doll, but no Buzz. He had been hoping to get Buzz, but he didn't show his disappointment too much, until his mom asked him if he was sad not to have gotten Buzz. "Yeah..."

So we finish up and then someone says "let's open the blinds, it's pretty dark in here."

Lo and behold, we looked out the window and:

You see, Buzz had fallen out of Santa's sleigh and busted out of his box (in the background) in his attempt to get to his new kid on Christmas morning! Basically, it was awesome.

We also launched air pressure rockets

Skyped with my family back home

Did plenty of cooking, movie-watching, reading, spent family time, and got cool new clothes

I got some awesome reporter clothes, which I will show off as soon as I start anchoring WWWWY! I'm also taking a broadcast performance class in which we'll be practicing anchoring, so that'll be tons of fun. Where else do you get to do make-up seminars?! :)

Oh, and we took a sunrise flight back, as evidenced by the orange on our faces and our lackluster expressions...

I will say though: it's so much better than the Greyhound...

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  1. hahaha SO much better than the Greyhound! :D I love this post- I'm glad you guys had so much fun! PS. Love the hot-rollered-hair :D