Saturday, January 29, 2011

Folk hymn

This is crazy.

I was doing some research for our ward's Easter program (yes, I need to plan that far in advance) and there's a French hymn that I like that talks about going to a garden to pray, etc. and I thought it was very fitting for easter right?
So I look it up in my French hymnbook, and I realize at the bottom that it's translated from English! Oh, perfect, I think, I don't have to make them sing it in French, so I look it up online.

Holy crap.

Turns out it's a twangy corny methodist folk hymn! What the heck?

This was one of my first results....

Turns out it was one of Elvis' favorites too...

Gah! This song is ruined for me!

I completely understand why it isn't in the English hymnal now...

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