Monday, February 28, 2011

Bunnies and things that make you fat

We went to Vegas/California President's day weekend so Andrew could compete. It was also Andrew's birthday, but poor thing had to spend most of the day at the dentist's or on the road. We'll party harder next year. We did go to cheesecake factory however, which was divine of course.

How lovely. And utterly fattening. But it was so worth it :)

Also, while Andrew was off in California, I got to spend some time with his parents. As usual, I had homework, but apart from that we did some shopping (I found some awesome fabric for a new pair of pants--when I find a spare minute to sew them in!) and went to an outdoors shop where we saw these very very cute bunnies.

Gah! Look at that little one in the food bowl! They were giving them away free because they mutliplied like, well, rabbits, and I was sorely tempted. Then I remembered rabbits stink, have cages you need to clean and die easily.

Oh well.

I also got a head start on my American history. To be completely honest I never learned much about early American history, growing up mostly in France and all... I'm doing my best to rectify that now.We played an awesome USA trivia game which also forced me to learn the names of US states (which I until then mostly couldn't place on a map. I know, shameful. At least I have an excuse...) That's also why Jen woke up to Andrew reciting Presidents and Vice presidents in the car. (He's pretty dang good, let me tell you!)

Later I sat down to catch up on some reading:

and this image made me kind of giggle. Does this make me a republican?

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