Saturday, February 5, 2011

When we were young

It's funny because the first few years of my life, from what my mom tells me we were living in a tiny cockroach-infested apartment in the scariest corner of Nice.. and yet this is all I can remember: My dad taking me to the Nice carnaval, bringing home silly string and helping me with my costume.

Eating candies off my birthday cake before the party... I know, you're thinking Lydia is full of crap there's no way she remembers this, but I can picture it quite clearly. This photo is from when my parents caught me red-handed. I'm actually not sure if this was in France or the U.S. though, but judging by how young I look it must've been France.

The great snowfall of 19... something. This was definitely Virginia. I always needed to be the boss of everyone and leading the operations, in this case, saving us from the blizzard or something. 
Hmm, still hasn't changed.

Definitely must have done something bad just before this was taken.

Family music. Ok, not always good memories, but it was pretty fun. Of course at this point none of us really know what we're doing... In fact, I don't think I'm doing much of anything here.

I always did have an impeccable sense of style.... 

Ahem. Moving on.

Any place is good for a nap when you're a kid. Or a college student...


Didn't you learn all about the anatomy of the kangaroo? Psh

Cooking with style.

Amelia and I :)