Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home decoration...

Advice given to my mother-in-law in her home-ec classes at BYU:

You can make your master bedroom as feminine as you want, in fact it's a good thing because "men want to feel like they're sneaking into a woman's boudoir"

Ha ha ha. In that case can I justify getting this bedding?


  1. "sneaking into a woman's boudoir"!?
    Aahahahahahahaha! Oh man. That is hilarious.

    Cute bedding, though, seriously. I'm curious what Andrew will say.

  2. ha well this wouldn't be my first choice, I just chose the most girly-looking one on the page, but I know he's not too fond of pink :)

    But I love the advice!

    This is actually what I would love:

  3. Go for the lavender. When a man's mother and wife agree on something, there's not much he can say.

  4. That is such funny and twisted advice. That you, BYU!