Monday, February 14, 2011

Trying to make something of yourself

Got several uninterrupted hours with my husband today and yesterday, which is something that doesn't tend to happen on days that aren't Sunday. That was wonderful of course. (That's also why I just barely finished writing my stupid PR paper. I really shouldn't complain actually, because at least the professor is very clear about what he expects and all I have to do is write section by section and it's done. But it still takes time.)

And we have a four-day weekend coming up, complete with a trip to see the family Las Vegas, so that too is great.

So really, I shouldn't be saying depressing things right now, but...

Do you ever feel like you're a bum? I do, all the time. I'm pretty lazy actually. That's probably why I dislike homework so much, why it's taken me well over 4 years to graduate, why I need to lose 15 pounds, why I still haven't had a single internship... the list could go on forever.

I have my moments, but they tend to be when I'm forced to do something, and then I kick myself into gear and get it done, but apart from those moments, well, I'm a bum. I once heard that to see what a person is truly made of, you should look at what they do when they have down time or don't have any obligations. I must really be a bum.

We're reading Faust in my English class right now, and in the professor's words, Mephistopheles' main goal is to get Faust to the point where he is so saturated with worldly pleasures and distractions that he becomes content, or idle. Once he becomes satisfied, he will no longer have the desire to act, and we all know what idle hands do... I'm sure this is what we're talking about when we speak of slowly being lulled into a false sense of security.

But who'd have thought it would be this hard to move yourself to action, every minute of every hour of every day? How much time can I humanly waste?

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