Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You can do it

I'd really like to ask everyone who sees this to take the time to go to this site.

A friend of mine from my FLSR days has a sister whose kid was born with an anorectal deformation. You can imagine how awesome that must be. Go to the site to read more about his story but the bottom line is this friend of mine, Sead Osmani, is raising funds to fly him and his parents to the US where the boy will be able to get life-changing treatment. Again, the whole story is on the site so I don't need to go on for long but they're only 800 dollars or so short now, and that's really not very much if we put ourselves to it. All it takes is a couple of dollars and they'll be able to reach their goal in no time.

Please check it out and make a donation, this is a case where you can make a big impact with very little time. Just a few bucks! I know you can do it!


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