Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, things seem to be moving along. We have a few leads for places to stay in Paris (still just leads... I feel like we've had "leads" for a month--although these ones are closer to coming through than at first). If you have a free spot in your prayers we wouldn't mind if you'd mention us! I know it's hard to find housing to begin with, but a married couple? forget about it. But I feel like things are working well, and I can't help but be grateful that we even have this wonderful opportunity. We're spending the summer in Paris!

Also, in other news, my mom and two younger sisters are moving to Las Vegas. (I don't know if I've even mentioned it on here before, but my mom is going back to school in the U.S. It's an online program, but she got a scholarship that requires her to be a US resident... I don't completely understand the whole why and how but that's the deal essentially. And my two younger sisters are with her here. Since this last summer they were in Maryland with family. My dad and other sister are still in Bordeaux)

Anyway. They'll be a whole lot closer now, which is pretty neat. I'm especially glad for my youngest sister who never got to come to the wedding or to visit--I haven't even seen her since three years ago--so she's excited to come party with her old married sister :) The other day she asked me when she'd be an aunt....

Did I mention my little sisters were models?

Well, not professionally, but... they could be!

Ok, I'll stop bragging.

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  1. Your mom called my mom the other day and explained their predicament. Glad it all worked out! And yes, you and your sisters could all definitely be models. :)