Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wishful thinking

I feel like a new woman right now.

All my midterms and papers are handed in. Dancesport is coming up and the dancing is feeling good, despite the fact that we only started practicing last week. (It helps that Andrew spends a ton of time practicing already, I just have to jump in and follow him... although I could definitely use some more work.)

And most importantly, spring seems to be creeping up on us. Which means that

1) Soon I won't have to lug around my enormous coat that leaves feathers all over my clothes, especially the dark ones (although I am very glad for the warmth it provided all the freezing winter long)

2) General Conference is next month.

3) Easter is next month. Easter may almost top Christmas on my favorite holidays list. (Unfortunately, due to my current dietary goals it will not be as calorie-filled as past years. I don't know if I dare make an exception quite yet.)

4) Soon I won't have to wear a million layers anymore. And I can wear summer pants, and skirts, and short-sleeved t-shirts, and make lots more clothes.

5) We'll be in France in two months!

Of course the minute I post this it's going to start snowing again or something, but the weather can't get to me now--bring it on. I'm going to France.

And maybe I'll take my sewing machine, because I want to make these:

Also, I'm thinking of some good khakis.


  1. If I knew French, I'd say something witty and wonderful in this comment. Did you know my Dad served his mission in France. Maybe he was there while you were a child? :) Anyway...thanks for your comment on my post...It's good to see you are happy and married and doing well! I haven't checked back here for a while, so I think I missed some good posts! :( I promise to come back more often! I like your list on this post!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I didn't know that, when did he serve there? My mom and aunt also served missions in France, maybe they crossed paths :)