Thursday, March 10, 2011

Documenting a revolution

I am just amazed at the efforts there have been in the events of the past weeks to document and preserve the stories and voices of the Egyptian revolution. We still don't know what will happen, it will take time for Egypt to reorganize itself, but it's inspiring in the meantime to read and hear the individual accounts and feel the general spirit of hope for the future coming from the Middle East. Perhaps I am hopelessly naive, especially since there are so many unanswered questions at this time, but I love witnessing the conscious process of collecting the stories and compiling a history: in many ways, it's the creation of a new identity for a whole new generation.

Here are few projects that I've heard about:
And particularly interesting was this account of a man called the "Revolution Singer" (warning: there are some relatively graphic images)

A feature on the women of the revolution on Al Jazeera

A play inspired by true stories from January 25th events in Egypt; it's still in the process as they are collecting testimonies to create it.

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