Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two things

This is just beautiful

And today I'm really missing my friends from back home. I've been pretty bad at keeping in touch (although I'm certainly not the only one) but lately it's been radio silence. Nothing. I've sent about three emails in the past months to my best friend and haven't heard a peep. I know we're all busy with school, men, life... you know, the usual. But right now I wish she'd write. And I wish I had gone to temple square to visit my other friend who was serving a mission there.

Sometimes I get the feeling I'm a terrible friend.


  1. What a fabulous video. It's got a science fiction-y feel to it. Where do you find stuff like that?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah isn't it cool? There are a bunch like it, daytime, etc. I found it on a guy from Tokyo's blog--it's the beauty of social media networking! :)

    I actually wonder how hard it would be to do one like it--Bordeaux is such a beautiful city and we have a sweet tramway, and I'll be bringing a camera with me...