Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yay, an interview

It's up: my first interview for the Mormon Women Project.

Featuring my own aunts of course, where else to start? :) I really like how it turned out, and you can read the original version in French too. I have several more interviews in the works and I'm so glad to be participating. I love the website and you will too, I'm sure of it. It's so inspiring to read about the lives of such incredible women of the Church. I was listening to a podcast that included the founder, Neylan McBaine, and they pointed out that the MWP doesn't "prescribe" Mormon women, it "describes" them--rather than talking about the ideal woman or what a Mormon woman should be, it simply presents a multitude of examples and says: "this is what Mormon women are. Here is how we have lived our faith." I love that. (That's also what I love about the new "I'm a Mormon" media campaign.)

Hey, you can participate too! You can donate, grab a badge for your blog or become a fan on Facebook. You can also nominate someone or just contact me if you know someone who should be featured. The possibilities are endless :)

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