Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real news

That's what I did for tomorrow. I was at the Provo City Council about "what to do with Steve Turley"--I'll give you a hint: he didn't show up. Trepidating stuff (no, really).

And I met a real classy lady this evening. Cristina Flores from KUTV. This was kind of a big deal apparently, so all the SLC stations were there. As soon as they adjourned the meeting everyone rushed out to interview several key people and one lady was completely surrounded. I tried to squeeze my way in to get a good shot of her face, but try as I could I wasn't getting my mic close enough. Cristina Flores was right next to her interviewing her and motioned to me to hand her my mic, and there I had it: great audio. I was really touched that she would go out of her way to lend me a hand (quite literally). Especially when you expect angry cut-throat people (and let me tell you, trying to squeeze my camera in there was pretty scary. You have to get aggressive...), it was nice to have a friendly face in the crowd. She certainly won my respect tonight.

Hey, don't forget to watch tomorrow at noon! :)


  1. Christina is awesome! I interned with her multiple times, and the more I show up at big things with other stations, when there's only one real chance to get sound from a person I'm surprised at how well everyone works together even though the stations tend to be cut throat and secretive with each other- can't wait to see your story!

  2. I definitely like this story. People like that make me want to go help someone myself.