Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Two Trees

I highly, highly recommend this presentation given by one of my all-time favorite professors to any of you budding (or confirmed) feminists. I recommend it to any woman, really. It's incredibly inspired and I'm amazed at her insights into the story of the Fall.

I absolutely love that she equates pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding with ordinances, and her understanding of priesthood versus motherhood.

Some quotes:

"the situation of women is a barometer of how near death a civilization is"

"Gender equality is not some 'politically correct' ideal to the Latter-day Saints; it is not some maraschino cherry placed last atop a Zion sundae. No, relationships of gender equality are the bricks of Zion, without which you cannot build Zion, because gender equality is how Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father live."

This is especially excellent reading in the context of the Celebrate Family event: I think I've found my topic.

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