Sunday, October 31, 2010

I want a puppy

Ok, don't think we really can do that right now. But someday if we do get a dog, I know exactly what I want.
A Vizsla.
Vizsla puppy!

Here are five reasons they make my heart melt:
1) They are beautiful, strong, noble dogs. I love hunting dogs. Also, because they are quite active it'd force me to get more exercise. Yes, I realize that's putting the ox before the plow. (or whatever the expression is)

2) "Vizslas' desire for human companionship is demonstrated by how frequently they will follow you around the house, touch you, or try to climb into your lap."

3) "They are quiet dogs, only barking if necessary or provoked. Sometimes when these dogs feel neglected or want something, they will cry."

4) They will eat your pet hamster. Ok, I sort of made that up. But they say to keep it away from potential
"prey" since it's a hunting dog...

5) "Vizslas like to carry things around in their mouths, and are famous for gently taking their owners' hands or arms in their mouth to show affection or get their attention."

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