Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am in shock after witnessing photos of a very ugly baby.

I mean UG-LY.
There, I said it, there's such a thing as an ugly baby.

But quite seriously, babies are cute, it's a well-known fact. They are cute because they're chubby and they need you and you want one. (yikes how much am I revealing about myself here..) But a pretty baby? That is not a given.

And no, I will not post photos, because it happens to be the baby of someone I knew years ago and they just might accidentally stumble on this blog, and we're Facebook friends. Oh dear, I'm just digging a hole for myself.

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  1. I completely and totally 100% agree and had this similar experience last week meeting a new baby of a friend. Didn't quite know what to say haha... we're sincerely worried our baby won't be cute, but we know we'll love her anyways!

    Stephanie :)