Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do forgive me...

...while I brag about my husband. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that he is not at home right now :(

There are many reasons I married Andrew. Of course, being ruggedly handsome didn't hurt.

Then there was the fact that this man takes care of business like nobody's business. He plans something and makes it happen, he ties up any loose ends- he actually organizes things instead of hoping for the best. He makes the best happen, and that is one thing I have always admired about him.

He's smart, but not pretentious or conspicuous about it. He can get along with all sorts of people, but he's not intimidated by brains either.

He's not afraid to try new things--a few months ago he decided he wanted to write a religion paper to enter a contest, just like that.

He's fun to be around. Having him around at home is just pure happiness.

He gives me my space but is always there for me.

He is a haven of peace in my turbulent brain. Talking things out with him make things appear so much simpler and so much less dramatic than I make them up to be in my mind. He is my Mr. Problem-solver extraordinaire.

He notices things. I remember when we were dating my vacuum cleaner wasn't doing too well and he just up and fixed it. Or when I had mentioned that I would love to get a tripod someday... guess what my Christmas present was that year?

He is kind enough to show enthusiasm for the things I enjoy that may not be his top priority; he's been very supportive of my crafting/sewing projects and learned very fast how many times I need to be told that that plastic-bag holder is just SO awesome :)

He wakes up to shower first almost every morning so I can get those extra minutes of sleep...

Every once in a while he'll bring home a box of fruit roll-ups, my absolute favorite candy.

He's a very handsome dancer... and I'm very lucky to get to be his partner for the summer.

He is capable of saying "I'm sorry"

He's a good writer, something that comes in very handy when I need a paper looked over.

He's cultured. No offense America, but I didn't think an American guy could know classical music, and appreciate dance, and love the Grapes of wrath and Dumas all in one. Well, I've been proven wrong.

Growing up with classical musicians as parents (and pretty much my whole dad's side of the family) I didn't think I'd meet someone who was more of a music snob than the Defranchis... wrong again! And I love it. I'm glad he knows when to give a standing ovation and, more importantly, when NOT to.

He is kind to waiters, cashiers, and airline hostesses. I was once told that the best way to measure the character of a man is to look at how he treats those who serve him.

Did I mention he's an incredible dancer? I love to watch him dance, and I love dancing with him.

He encourages me to follow my dreams. Even though at some point I'll be a stay at home mom, he's always pushed me to do my best and search for the best internships/opportunities in my studies.

He is duty-driven.

He's my best friend.

Ok, I'm done, you can stop gagging. P.D.A. over :)

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