Monday, October 4, 2010

I have nothing interesting to say

"Why waste cyberspace then?" you say.
Well, for one it's free, and there's plenty of it, so why not. A rule my husband lives by, incidentally :)
School is going pretty well. I love general conference weekend, but I wish we had Monday after off to recuperate and have time to do all the other stuff you needed to do... I really enjoy watching conference at home, it's so much cozier. I got to see friends this weekend, and I spent all weekend with my husband. No competitions, no lab, no performances, nothing to do really but stay at home together :)
And it's a good thing because this week's schedule is ridiculous. Team at 7 EVERY MORNING this week. (Yes I know, tour team does it anyway, but it's rarely every day for everyone). We have a show this weekend, and the parade on Saturday, so quite realistically dance is taking over my life this week.
Oh, and remember Elder Uchtdorf's talk on simplifying our lives? Yeah, that was meant for me. Really, what he meant to say was "when I was flying my plane the other day, I felt that Lydia needed to quit ballroom dance to maintain her sanity" (and my dignity too, I should add).

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