Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I really should redeem myself now

After that baby post...

This video seems to be all over the place lately and you've probably already seen it, but if not here goes.

When I first clicked on it I thought she was a bit odd. Her speech seems a bit contrived, maybe unnatural, and she certainly sounds preachy... but then I kept watching and you know what? Well I'm not quite sure what, but I kept watching. In the second half she goes into some odd definitions of gender roles, and honestly she makes me squirm at times. But wouldn't it be amazing to have that sort of personal strength and conviction? And what a beautiful smile.

Had you ever heard of abortion survivors?

I think her most important point is that we do need weak people in our society, so that we learn compassion and so that we can witness everyday miracles.

You know what, I'll just shut up now, and you can just see for yourself.


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  1. What an interesting speech! Loved it. Thanks for posting.