Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am actually capable of saying when I'm wrong

it looks like the manager lady was actually great this time--poor woman, she manages 5 different apartment complexes I think (can you say understaffed?) they got it fixed in two days, so we were displaced pretty fast, but thanks to Pablo and Richard, our apartment is now spick and span; and she even had the carpet cleaners come do the whole place because of all the dirt/wood dust and extra crap. BUT, I must say that none of this would have happened if the water heater hadn't been incorrectly installed in the first place... ahem.
On another note, after reading the lost symbol I am now a Dan Brown adept (yes, me and 1 billion other people... don't I feel average now?) Andrew and I (ok, Andrew -- we all know who does the planning in this family..) are planning a Dan brown style treasure hunt à la mormon through Provo-- you'd be surprised at all the hidden symbolism throughout Provo, even just BYU for that part. I remember my first time going to the BYU library, I just sat there like a nerd in front of that big mural bronze relief by the no shh zone. (Which reminds me of another very cool mormon thing: the book of Jer3miah look it up, you will be hooked) Back to symbols and cool stuff, here's a teaser:

Oh, and we also want to start a restaurant: "le Quartier Latin" where we will serve everything that is good from France and other places too. Kebabs will be an integral part.

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  1. Lydia, thanks for the plug for "The Book of Jer3miah"! Your Provo treasure hunt sounds really cool. We created an extended one for "Jer3miah" on and got a lot of players. It was great fun. You might want to post a link for yours on our site--they're a pretty smart group of folks--and see what happens! Good luck!