Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'd just like to say...

Babies are too cute. And no, this is not an announcement.
Oh, and here's the massacre. But don't cry for me (argentina), the truth is I'm getting more and more used to it everyday :)

Andrew just bought me the Da Vinci code in french for two reasons: a) so I can improve my french because i hardly speak it anymore with true natives, and b) because I've never read the book. But here's the problem: I feel terribly guilty reading books for fun during the school year because there is ALWAYS reading I'm supposed to be doing for class! it kills me! And especially this semester the load is ridiculous... and most of it not terribly fascinating. That being said, I am terribly grateful to be in college. But not having time/a clear conscience to read is no fun.

By the way, I read "the lost symbol" by (dan brown as well) over christmas break (because then, I didn't have ANYTHING that I had to do!) and it was amazing. I highly recommend it.

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