Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ok the truth is that I'm sick of logging into another account to edit the blog. And it's not really a family blog since I'm the only one who ever puts anything on it and the only people that actually sometimes read it are family. Actually, my family never even looks at it--they don't know how. So I'm going to continue my blog here, not that anybody cares :)

Word to the wise: when you're apartment hunting and you read all those bad reviews about landlords and management, and you say to yourself "bah they're just exaggerating", and "besides the only vocal people are complainers", and "I'm sure it's not that bad overall and besides the rent is so cheap," just STOP. Don't trust yourself when you start rationalizing. It really is as bad as they say. Heritage court: nice apartment, incompetent management, a dinosaur of a repairman (not the T-rex sort; bless his soul, he should have retired a decade ago) and then there's the air conditioning unit dripping water onto you during your sleep one happy morning and oh yes, the random changing of a water tank that didn't need changing in the first place and the subsequent lack of hot water in the later morning and must I mention the flooding of half our bedroom, and it's still advancing as I speak?

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