Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My letter to the editor

Still more drama about leggings in the Daily Universe... and what's worse, the opinion editor wrote an entire column about it. Here's the link to the PDF version of today's paper: the column is on page 3. I'm tired of it, honestly, so I'm writing in. It's probably too long, and they're probably sick of this subject, but maybe it'll get published, we'll see.

Yes, it's about leggings. Jade McDowell, I think you usually do a good job as opinion editor. That being said, while I appreciated your angle about being compassionate rather than judgmental, the undertones of your 4/5/11 column revealed exactly the judgmental attitudes you wrote about. The honor code does not specifically mention leggings. The posters around campus you cite are published by BYUSA, an organization that has no real authority whatsoever to interpret or enforce the honor code. You (and BYUSA, and all BYU students) do not get to impose your interpretation of modesty on others under the guise of "encouragement." A "transgression?" Really? "Reaching down a helping hand?" Excuse me, I'm sure you're an outstanding citizen and church member, but what makes you think you belong above a girl that (scandalous!) wears leggings? I have a friend who wears almost exclusively leggings: she recently went through the temple to receive her endowment, yet according to you she deserves pity and a "helping hand." I find that incredibly insulting. You know what the funny thing is? Years ago as a freshman, I wrote in to the opinion editor complaining about a DU fashion story that showed a girl in a mini skirt and cropped tights.* Thankfully, I've grown up a little since then, so here's what I propose: let's stop getting our panties all up in a wad about what other people do--it's none of our business.

* I still think there's a very real difference between tights and leggings, but whatever.


  1. Dearest Lydia,
    You crack me up. Thanks for continuing to be one of the most awesome people that I know.
    Yours etc.,

  2. Pretty much exactly my thoughts as I read through a selection of these ridiculous letters.

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  4. Jade's column's have been getting progressively worse, there was a column she wrote about two weeks ago where she tried to defend the position of why she chose journalism. She included nothing about serving the public good, or the love of writing, but basically summed it up to "We're all really dumb when it comes to math and science. They were just too hard." For someone that is trying to persuade people for a living...she's got really weak argument

  5. Agreed. I think she often does a pretty good job, but sometimes I get the sense she's a bright-eyed freshman just arrived in college ready to take on the world... but lacking the maturity and experience necessary.


    haha you're awesome.

  7. oh thank the heavens, that was such an annoying article. i loved this.

    *it's possible that you don't remember who i am so i hope i don't seem like a creeper...i know andrew and danielle/mark and crew from the villa!