Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bye bye

I'm leaving a lot of things behind right now.

America, for one. Not permanently, and I am terribly glad to be returning to France, but I'm leaving the country for three months--that's a long time away from what I've come to consider a home. It'll be really good for me to go back to my roots for a time though.

Dance too. That one's really depressing. I know I'm the one who decided to quit, but I'm still pretty bitter to be honest. Oh well.

We finally took the plunge and threw out most of our trophies (after pulling off the labels--I plan on putting them on a plaque so we can have a little something to remember it all, but that will have to wait till after France).

Most of mine are bogus ones from mini comps, but some of them represent real achievements for both of us--like the time Andrew and I placed higher in standard than we had ever done separately. That was awesome. And the first time I placed in an open final ever--one week after my wedding by the way! Oh and there's the one shaped like a cruise boat we got on our honeymoon for performing in the talent show. Ha, we're such stage hams that we couldn't resist showing off even on vacation :)

It was pretty depressing to see them picked apart and thrown away just like that. It felt like some sort of metaphor for my dance life...

Our apartment is another thing we're leaving behind. We're starting to pack in earnest now and it's a little overwhelming. It's also a lot of fun to go through our stuff and remember things we had forgotten.

This was the first-year-of-marriage-newlyweds apartment. They say you never forget it. And as glad as I am to be leaving this ward (nice people and all, but 8 AM church combined with people with whom we have little in common made it a pretty miserable experience.) and getting a place with a bedroom that actually has space not entirely filled by the bed, I'm sure I'll miss it very fast--or maybe a better term is nostalgia. I'm sure I'll feel a great deal of nostalgia about it. Someday, we'll drive our kids to Provo and show them BYU and drive by here and say "we lived in that apartment right there!"

On the other hand I will be seeing my family again, and it has been a long time. And I really get to see everyone: my aunts, my grandmother, both of my uncles, and I plan on visiting more extended family that I haven't seen since I left home.

And of course, I'm moving towards a future with a much greater potential for success than the BDC ever gave me: if I can really pull off this documentary, I can make a valuable contribution to journalism. And of course, how awesome will it look on my resume?! "Oh, I spent a summer talking to French Muslims and government officials about Islam in France and the implications for western societies like the U.S."  BOOYAH!
And hopefully, next year after an internship in Salt Lake (I'm dead set on KSL. It's also the most competitive internship in the market... but dang it they'd better take me! I'll just have to prove to them I'm their woman) we'll be heading to D.C. for another short internship, and how awesome will that be--D.C. the summer of an election year? Gah! I'm excited out of my mind just thinking about it.

So plenty of good things, but it's still sad to leave a lot behind.

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