Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Couples night in

Here are some fun ideas and things we've been doing lately. When the weather gets too harsh outside, you have no choice (or desire) but to bundle up and sip hot chocolate--which happens to be Andrew's favorite winter beverage.


Just drinking hot chocolate is a little boring however, so in between homework and whatever else we have to do, here are a few things we've been doing.

Listening to Christmas music. Of course! A few of my favorites:

1) Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Duh. My all-time favorite is This Is Christmas, closely followed by Ring Christmas Bells

2) Time-Life Music: Treasury of Christmas - Holiday Memories is a classic

3) Christmas Around the World by the USAF Singing Sergeants. My Dad sang a solo for O Holy Night (in french of course) on that one, so obviously it's pretty awesome to me.

Also, you should check this out: it's a dramatic reading of the "true story" about Santa Claus, and it's pretty amazing. Yes, it's technically for kids, but Andrew and I really like it! We want to get it for our kids and make it a family tradition. You can listen to it for free online! Be careful though, starting at episode 4 the chapters are one off, and "episode 8" is actually episode 4. So to clarify, to hear the story in order you need to go in this order: 1, 2, 3, 8, 4, 5, 6, 7. You're welcome.

Here's a fun family home evening for couples: do the 5 love languages quiz. I think the theory is a little overrated; no person fits neatly into one category, but it can provide some good insight into your spouse's needs and how to best show them love. Take the two quizzes (for husband and for wife) together and then discuss. Then each person gives three examples of a time they felt especially loved by the other and how that love was manifested. Discuss, and have a fun F.H.E.!

Here's a picture of snuggling goats to get you motivated.

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