Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas craze

I can't wait to have a Christmas when I'm not in school scrambling like a crazy person to finish stuff up before the semester ends.
We had the BDC closing social Tuesday:

In the gorgeous Alumni building
It was officially my last Ballroom dance company event... ever. That's pretty sad. But it really was time to move on. I submitted my anchor application today so cross your fingers for me and if I'm really lucky (or just that good :) then I could be an anchor for the show in the winter! I even cleared out my schedule large and wide to make sure I maximized my chances. We shall see.

One of my favorite things about team was our director: Curt Holman. He's awesome, and it's really been a pleasure working under his direction. He expects a lot out of us and pushed us hard, but he was never evil and is lots of fun too.

And of course my AWESOME teammates! Thanks everyone for a fun last semester--it's been great getting to know all these talented people, and it's really crazy what a diverse group we are--we've got engineers, linguists, scientists, sociologists, reporters :) and of course, dancers.

Tango at the faculty concert
the girls at my last show
Ok, let's go on a little tour:

First team: spring team
First number
And then came summer team, where I noticed a handsome young man named Andrew Nelson...
(OK, he actually caught my eye before that, I just happened to spend more time around him when we were on the same team)

First (and only) latin number
This photo is probably a good explanation of the reason I don't do Latin. I just don't think I have a good feel for it, ya know?

Then came fall: 10 o'clock team with Kirstyn

Of course, you can't help but take a foxy photo when dancing the foxtrot
Yep, those blue dresses again...

Oh Gab...
And concert :

Technically these outfits have skirts to them, but who needs a skirt right? I'm pretty sure the gentlemen of the company had a vote going on for best legs after this, but it's just a rumor I heard. 

And then of course backup tour team, also known as BUTT, which I think is an atrocious acronym. But that's really how we were called on the order of events list!

Bye bye Ballroom company, I really will miss you!*

*Minus the early mornings, the drama and the politics. Of course.



    For the record, you've got great legs.

  2. Haha thanks, yours aren't too bad either.
    And I'm really sorry about your car--being a grown-up sucks sometimes. Like when you're in Las Vegas for a competition and you know you should really be studying your brains out...

  3. Lydia! yay for ballroom and for anchor! You're so beautiful :) It'll be good to see you in the newsroom again! haha

  4. Kika you make me smile. also I love your name. I'm kind of going crazy because i missed the Friday meeting/party so I still don't know if I got anything yet