Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Did I mention I put up fall decorations? Well, I did. I love the holidays. My little witch and her crew have finally found their home on our front door. Makes the door a little less ugly I say...

And a few other odds and ends around the house that I've been collecting for a few years..

People always think this says "Bod", but no.
It says "Boo!" Just in case you were wondering...
Nothing like some mini-pumpkins to...
look Halloweenesque
This little cat meows. It's awesome.
Birthday flowers :)


  1. haha I have that "boo!" sign too but mine is in black, and people always think it says "bod" :D I like all of your decorations though! I put mine up too and it makes everything so much better :D