Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because what you really need is another ruffle shirt tutorial...

It's true!

This shirt always felt a little off, sleeve in between long and 3/4 and the scoop neck was just wide enough that I always have to tug at it... so it's a perfect candidate for a remake! :)

The neckline is easily fixed with a few gathers..

And since I'm shortening the sleeves and have some extra fabric left... How 'bout some ruffles?!

Go here for a quick and easy ruffle-making technique.

Then sew them on. You can put a few in a row for longer ruffles


They also help cover up the awkward gathers in the front.

Really quick, but now I have a brand new shirt. Best part is my husband really liked this one :)
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  1. Seriously awesome. I actually saw you in this!

  2. That is really cute. You did a great job!

  3. Oh this looks SO good! I wish I had cool clothes like this!

  4. haha you can make them! it's really easy, I promise :)