Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dress... done!

But I'm an idiot and made it too tight... ARGH!
I can fit into it, I can even move my arms around and sit, but I need to either go on a drastic diet or just continue to look... well, pregnant. No, I am not. (sadly) The sleeves are a little too perky, but oh well. The biggest issue is that it's too tight across the chest. I have depth perception issues a wide ribcage. Blech. I'm planning on convincing a friend or two that is skinnier to try it on and see if it at least works better for them. I still want to enter it into the Shabby Apple dress contest, I'll just have someone thinner model it.

But here's the result!

Don't breathe... don't breathe...
Neckline -- see, I even used darts! But still too snug.
Invisible zipper!

This is how I did the edges.. Unfortunately, going around curves didn't work as evenly as the straight bottom hem, but oh well.

Turned out quite nice on the bottom!

Smurfette toes :)

And I put so much stinking work into this dress that DANG IT I'll wear it on Sunday anyway.

Edit: Turned out not so bad with a cardigan :


  1. NICE WORK! That fit problem can be a frustrating issue. Maybe you will have to make that duct tape dress form you were talking about? Anyway - don't give up - you have great skills and a great little figure :)