Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm feeling festive

Well today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! And we celebrated with my favorite: mac 'n cheese (and ice cream soon)

As silly as it seems, it's fun to get so many wall posts on Facebook on your birthday. And especially from people you haven't seen like the members from my stake back home.

Speaking of which, two such people are in town for conference and I can't wait to meet up with them! He was in the bishopric and she was my favorite flaming redhead (and I mean the actual color red, not carrot. She always dyed her hair the brightest colors, my mother was scandalized hehe). And they're bringing a package from my aunts so of course, how could we not be excited--I'm sensing chocolates. hmmmmmm

We took family pictures late this summer with Andrew's family and of course, the CD happened to arrive on my birthday of all days. Lucky me. So because I really like photos I'll share :)

The Nelsons (minus one)
Did I mention my husband was terribly handsome?  

Just a disclaimer: you will probably die of cuteness after viewing the next couple of photos. Baby-hungry ladies, you've been advised.

I present to you my niece and nephews!

Regardez-moi cette tĂȘte de coquin! 

Andrew with big brother and big sister. And I do believe big brother is attempting to tickle Andrew.

My favorite parents-in-law :)

Happy end of September everybody!

Oh, and did I mention I put up fall decorations? Well, I did. I love the holidays. My little witch and her crew have finally found their home on our front door. Makes the door a little less ugly I say...

And a few other odds and ends around the house that I've been collecting for a few years..

People always think this says "Bod", but no.
It says "Boo!" Just in case you were wondering...
Nothing like some mini-pumpkins to... look Halloweenesque
This cat meows. It's awesome.
Birthday flowers :)

Well that was picture-intensive wasn't it. Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday and made my day!


  1. okay wow, those nephews and niece are completely too cute!

  2. Love the family pictures! What darling kids! and you are SO festive! I'm hoping to put up some decorations during conference! :D Bisous! xo