Monday, September 13, 2010

Squaw peak and other adventures

Once upon a time, we went up to squaw peak on a lovely Sunday evening to enjoy the beautiful weather and the view, and some good company.

I might mention that we had just feasted on a crepe bar that was quite yummy.
Upon arrival at the top, however, Andrew left the keys in the car. Luckily, we left the mini back window open! so Danielle climbed to the rescue..

And with very little effort...

Popped right through! Isn't that window tiny?!

Sadly, her efforts were futile, because it turned out the keys had been in Andrew's pocket all along. :)

So we went off to enjoy the view (and in the boys' case, shoot at bushes)
Andrew giving us the tour of Provo

Do you like my purple desert flowers?

Just ignore Andrew's face... I think he's trying to be all hardcore with his gun. I sometimes have mixed feelings about having gotten him that for Christmas...

Oh and incidentally, Andrew helped me to make a decision about team--using excel. It looks something like this:

Yep, Andrew has mad skills. 

The moral of the story is that since I didn't get moved up today (one girl dropped tour team this week, which gave me false hope for nothing) I am so done. This is my last semester. FINITO. Moving on to more exciting pursuits in journalism. I'll be applying to become an executive producer of the program's show (doesn't that just sound so.... powerful? I think I have a good shot since I did really well in the producing class-- remember, that class I set the curve in? haha forgive me for my bragging, but I could really use the ego boost right now..) and auditioning for anchor positions. And looking for internships. Oh, the possibilities. This is my chance to finally launch myself full force into my major and hopefully get myself out there enough to earn some scholarships, awards... who knows what else?
As depressing as it is to quit team, I still plan on competing from time to time (although leaving team makes me a pariah as far as partnering goes... oh well, I've got my husband, who truly is my favorite dance partner of all time!) And it's about time I focused more on school anyway, instead of desperately trying to fit into a mould that just doesn't seem to be made for me. Now I can do my own thing.

And let me tell you, this investigative reporting class is getting me so excited. I'm planning on going all out in my next reporting class and requesting FOIAs, doing data sorting and the whole shebang to get the truth (or should I say the dirt) on Provo's student housing market. OH YEAH. This (from 3:47 to 5:02) is the story that got me started on the topic and I seriously barely scratched the surface. It isn't my best story, but I want to attack it from a better angle and really do a good job with it. There are so many horror stories out there, I'm certain there are some unethical business practices going on here. I ran into so much red tape on this story, but this time I have the right tools and I can't wait to get started!

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  1. Hahaha, I love your writing style. I love YOU! bisous bisous xo