Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going to the dark side...

:) It's called a "melt," and when the hairdresser first suggested it I got pretty nervous, until I realized it had nothing to do with heat.
She essentially dyed it dark at the top and progressively lighter towards the tips, leaving them the way they already were. I'm happy with how natural it looks, and this means I can be lazy and let my hair grow out for much longer before coloring again.

Never mind the purple bangs too... she said it'd fade a little after a couple shampoos. But I really like the technique, it's a great way to let your hair grow out naturally without hideous roots or drastic change. The color at the top is my natural hair color.
And the cameras on set won't freak out now at the enormous contrast between my hair and, well, everything else. haha

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