Thursday, August 26, 2010

Votes for women! Step in time...

Remember Mary Poppins? Well, turns out they're singing "step in time." I thought it was "skippy time" my whole life... oh well. Hey, at least it made sense right?

Apparently, I have feminist blood : did you know that Corsica (My dad's dad was Corsican) was the second country to give women the vote? Way back in 1755! (Sweden comes in at the top of the list, with women's suffrage in 1718). Unfortunately, France reversed that when they took over and then Corsican women had to wait another nearly 200 years until 1945... Bet they weren't too thrilled about that, although of course France annexing your country would've potentially been a greater concern at the time. Go my ancestors!

Oh, and this is embarrassing... America, the great Defender of Human Rights, didn't give women the vote until ahem, after Russia... (Ok, it's only a two-year difference, but still. I found it amusing.)
Anyway, happy 90th anniversary, Suffrage for women!

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