Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lacy remake

Here we go-- this is a fun and easy project that shouldn't take more than a an hour and a half.
I had a pile of clothes that were old/too small etc. I was planning on taking to D.I. but we haven't gotten out there in a while and tonight I decided to go through it and see what I could do... :)
This was an downeast crew neck tee, a little small and not a very flattering fit. Sleeves that are too short are decidedly unflattering. And I apologize for the quality of the photos; both my camera batteries were charging so I used the little web cam on our computer. Anyway,  here goes:

Cut out a V on the neckline (it helps to fold the front in half down the center to make sure you cut it symmetrically) and make sure it's not as deep as you want it-- it'll get lower as you sew so don't start too deep.

Go ahead and cut off the seam edge around the rest of the neckline--keep it though, you'll need it later. Keep your triangle you cut out too.

The only thing you'll need aside from the shirt itself is some wide lace, about a foot and a half. sew two strips together in the center to make a V that matches your neckline.

Turn your shirt inside-out and pin the lace V to the neckline

Sew along the neckline, about a half-inch away (with the shirt still inside-out). Once you've sewn along the edge, turn the shirt back right-side-out and pin down the lace on the other side.

Sew down the lace about a half-inch from the edge, and then sew the edges of the lace strip down at the very edge

Alright! I left the back of the neckline raw, and unpicked the hem on the sleeves to give it a little bit of a rough edge, and also because those darn cap-sleeves are so short they make my arms look fat (let's blame it on the shirt eh?)

Now for the pocket! Remember those strips you took from the neckline? Take it from the V too and lay them out flat (it's ok that it has all the edge folds, that's the point)

Now the V comes in-- it's going to be a pocket. Most likely your V piece isn't tall enough to be a pocket, which is were the two strips come in; sew them together and then to the top of the V (and some lace too for more whimsy :)

And now cut it a little bigger than your pocket will be:

(The V-cut at the bottom will help fold under the seams so there isn't too much fabric.)
Now pin it onto your shirt with the edges pinned under:

Sew very close to the edges...

And voilĂ !

Have a fun Sunday evening :)


  1. This is a beautiful project! Love-it!!! I love lace. Will you re-make some of my shirts? jk...
    PS my sister is Lydia Nelson and she pointed your blog out to me because she thought I'd be interested. I like to blog too! Very cute clothes ;)

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  3. Thanks! I definitely will link up :)