Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old white T-shirt ?

This one is nice because all it cost was looking for some of my husband's old t-shirts :) You really need two t-shirts, I tried to make it work with one, but sadly it wasn't enough.

So I have this shirt I like, and I've been wanting the same one in white, but considering I got it on super-sale in the leftover items bin... I doubt they have them anymore. Enter old t-shirt..

Cut out the body, allowing for seams (Be careful, the back shape is usually slightly different in the arms).You can use the sleeves to make your new sleeves too.

And just to make your life simple, keep the bottom and sleeve hems--if they're already there why bother! Attach sleeves (shirt inside-out, sleeves right-side out. It's ridiculous how many times I continue to make this sort of mistake...)

OK now for the tricky part. Turn the shirt RIGHT-SIDE OUT and take a strip about 2 inches wide, fold it over and pin it along the neckline. The seam will be at the center of the "V", but don't stitch all the way to the bottom yet.

And now stitch the two strips together with a DEEP V. It took me a couple tries to get the angle right.

Finish sewing the strips to the shirt...

Almost done-- add the pocket (you can use the edge of a sleeve from the second shirt to reuse that hem).

Sew very close to the edges.
And after some ironing (iron the neckline nice and flat)...

There it is!

Edit: Apparently in stores this is called the "boyfriend" tee... and isn't it just perfect, since this one is literally made from the hubby's t-shirt? :)

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