Wednesday, August 4, 2010

La mode

I am rediscovering a website right now I had somewhat forgotten about:
(Or rather, put on the back burner) It was my fashion/beauty/"psychological" tests (what is your personality?)/anything else womanly bible during those ATROCIOUS teenage years. Oh, the posts I could write about my teenage years.

Every year  I would lie in anticipation for fashion week in Paris (I still want to attend some day--it must be absolutely magical) and the full-detail photo reports on the website. And the "fashions of the fall/summer analysis" articles.
Oh my.

I suppose I am quite vain in some regards; I definitely do love looking my best. And I think every woman should feel beautiful. And I don't believe that beauty is only on the inside; if you want to feel truly beautiful, it has more to do with wholeness... Kind of like your soul isn't just your spirit, but your body and spirit combined. Anyway. I think one good thing America has done for me (or is it growing up? or both maybe) is helping me to become a little more down-to-earth, and maybe gain a better perspective on what actually is important. (big houses and cars, right? ;)

That being said...

I learned all I know about style/beauty from this website. And my aunt Adeline. Actually, she deserves first place. She taught me all I know on the subject (and much more of course).

Does she not just reek of sophistication?
Here's another one:  

You guessed it, she's the elegant lady in the hat :)

The French really did have a good sense of how to dress for an occasion. French women can dress like a queen, and then they'll be around the city on a bike in ballet flats and some casual slacks, with minimal makeup and their hair pulled back in a twist... and still be radiant. A far cry from the school hoodie and flip-flops in the snow...

It must be the rain (it rains a LOT in Bordeaux, pretty much all the time), because I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic right now. Sometimes it just hits me: I miss France. A lot. I miss my family, my aunts, my uncles, my crazy Greek grandma who called me "doughnut" once (among other odd names).

And I miss people-watching. Oh, the people. And the Arab market, and the Turkish delicacies, and the haute couture shops (that I never actually bought anything from, but just walking around that area of town made me feel oh-so-classy)... did I mention the bakers on every other block?
Oh, and the public transportation. THAT was a dream when I think of UTA now... imagine taking this beauty through town:

Not too shabby!

But then I come home to this face, and it makes living here worth every minute.

I'm kind of liking this font...

All that to say that I've found my new haircut (as soon as I'm done with dance... which might be sooner than later.). 


Yes, it's a lady drinking some sort of fancy mineral water. The hair reminds me of France, and that's what got me sold. I may also dye my hair darker, for real. We'll see. And I'll stop boring you now.

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  1. I'm such a lucky mother-in-law! Love you, Lydia.