Monday, August 23, 2010

It's that time of the year again...

I would like to reiterate just how beautiful today was. A cool breeze and sunshine is all it takes. Really though, I wish every day were like today. I'm excited to go back to school. I'm actually excited for physical science-- I rocked Bio 100 (if I may say so myself. No really) and I'm planning on doing it again with physical science! As a matter of fact, I'm planning on rocking all my classes. I'm actually quite a nerdy studious type in some respects, it's just I lose focus too easily... but not this time. I want to try harder this year. Life being crazy between my program, dance, work, other classes, church, and of course marriage... is not an excuse since I chose every one of those things.

I'm excited to start team--there are so many fun girls coming onto backup this year, I think it'll be a really good group, and let's face it: I love team. I'm also planning to take up latin again. I think I'll try out for tour team one last time, and after much observation I believe the most important thing they look for is well-roundedness. Well, that and being single. Kind of too late for that one, but I can still try. It can't hurt I figure (Andrew mocks me for saying it "figger" instead of "fig-your").
I'm excited for the holiday season... as a matter of fact I'm already getting pretty far on a Halloween project that is bucket loads of fun to do. I realize it's probably somewhat childish to get so excited about small things but that's what makes life special: the details. Therefore, I will continue to get excited about holidays, special occasions, events, and the like.

I've decided on a new project that will be fun for several reasons: it will get me out of my comfort zone and will help me look for new ideas around me. I want to bring my camera with me to campus every wednesday and find one person whose outfit/look/hairstyle etc. looks unique (well really, that I like is a better explanation) and take their picture and post it on my blog, à la Sartorialist. I think I'll post it on Lulu. (Incidentally, I'd love it if you'd go over there and follow me if you're interested :) I can't wait to get started! And who knows, I might even make a friend or two in the process.

Also, I'm excited to not be going to work every day. While I am extremely grateful to have a job, and such a good job at that, and wonderful colleagues, it's really not what I want to do with my life and, well, let's face it school is frequently more engaging...

Only a few more days till it starts, but I'm just about ready! Oh but first: one last trip to seven peaks!

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