Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is how excited I am

About my new project.

I've had my eye on those fancy new jeans--the ones with thick white stitching.

I hate the bling some of them have on them but I finally found a pair I loved... the only hiccup was they're worth 300$... not really worth it. Especially since I've never really been a jeans person. I found a similar pair for 100$ but still.. Not worth it. So...

I decided I'd just do it myself!

I have a pair of jeans I sometimes wear (only cost 15$ too) but I'm not necessarily that attached to them, so why not try this out on them.

All it takes is some good white yarn...

a FAT needle

and a LOT of patience (and tough fingertips. This is when I wish I had one of those rubber thimbles... I can't even remember how many times I poked myself. No blood though!)

But it definitely paid off. I just followed the original stitching, going four stitches long and skipping one. After several grueling hours...


Putting True Religion out of business one stitch at a time... :) It's a stupid name for a brand anyway--what, we're supposed to worship their pants?!

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