Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer = seersucker

Here's a really fun project, that surprisingly was a real pain when I got to the "belt" portion. It worked out all right though-- all it took was a yard of fabric!
And this is some fun fabric :)

hmm... I'm taking blurry pictures lately; I'll have to fix that.

I just cut the yard into two 1/2 yard wide strips and sewed them together, then gathered the top (Only attach them together at one end, leave the skirt open until after attaching the belt portion)
Once that was done I sewed the backside of a strip of matching yellow fabric (what's that, about 6/7 inches wide?) to the top of the gathered part.

Then fold it over the other side, pinning all over the place to make sure it lies flat... I used a zigzag stitch to flatten a little better, and then made one side extend past the skirt fabric to add a buttonhole to close the skirt.

Once the top belt part is done, now go ahead and sew the skirt closed (leaving a little space at the top to open it) and there you go!

Oops! forgot the hem! But you knew that right? ;)



  1. That skirt is DAR-LING!!! I wish I could sew things up quick. It really looks good on you.

  2. Wow ! I suck at skirts. No really it's bad. Always looks funny. Yours came out great!

    Thanks for linking up @ Bug Creator we enjoyed having you and you will this weeks feature :D So look for that on Sunday!