Thursday, July 1, 2010

the Bathroom Dilemma

We have a lovely little apartment that I am very, very grateful for. It's not old and moldy, it doesn't have hideous church carpet, the layout and amenities are very nice and it looks very new. Did I mention rent is under 600 a month including utilities?
But the only downside is that it's a bit small, which I really don't mind except in small places it's hard to find a place for everything, and clutter ensues.
We have this wonderful solution for above the toilet, which saves a ton of space by filling unused space :

But... it really does look cluttered doesn't it?
So the first thing: check in my leftover fabrics pile. And miraculously, I just so happen to have some leftover fabric from the table-runner project.

Snip snip snip and a little sewing...

(I love the embroidery stitches)

And voilĂ !

The best part is... It matches the rug.

Color theme complete :)

The two curtains were originally the same length, but Andrew thought I should raise the bottom one... he was worried about... spray?

Go figure.

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