Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have loved these pants a little too much...

(And I realize the colors are weird. It's what happens when you let your colorblind husband take the picture :)

And perhaps washing them in the machine wasn't a good idea. Either way, they were so completely beat that even with patches people kept telling me I had a hole in my pants... I got the hint. So I made them again! Thanks to a 40% off coupon I got the fabric for the grand total of $9. Not too shabby for a pair of pants! I got a linen blend too so they'd be a little sturdier (and it was cheaper than full linen).

It was a little tricky once I got to the zipper,

but apart from that the rest was pretty straightforward. I simply unpicked the main seams and cut my new fabric off of the pieces, just like you would use a pattern. I even kept the zipper (although if you ever do that, it's a really bad idea to pull the zipper too high... I accidentally pulled it all the way off and had to fight with it to get it back on. I won though :)

I also kept the top "belt" part since it was still in great condition and I didn't want to make things more complicated than necessary--it gives the pants a good finished look.

As you can see from the picture... those pants were a size 9... I'm not quite sure what goes through my head sometimes but I have serious depth/size perception issues. So I made the pants a tad bit smaller too...

Once I had put the legs together and added the zipper I pinned the top belt part to it and... voilĂ ! Oh, and some back pockets too!

The front had some funny fake pockets so I just recreated those as well before sewing the pant legs together, and did a decorative stitch to set them apart.

That's about it I think... After I was sure they fit right I went back and zigzag stitched all the major seams and flattened the outside seams to make sure they'll stay.
I am quite happy with the result!

They could probably use a bon coup de fer (iron) though...

Oh, and I have something else to show you tomorrow! It involves seersucker... :)

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