Thursday, July 8, 2010

Independence day partying

This weekend was one of the funnest weekends I have had in quite a while--it feels like we did so much! Some of the pictures are on the camera I sent with Andrew to California (yes, my husband left me for a long-legged brunette... to compete dance!) It's kind of weird, this will be the first time since our wedding we are separated for more than a few hours... Good think my sister Sylvia arrived last week and is staying with me till he gets back!

Anyway. The 4th (and 3rd, and 5th) was a blast. I've already posted the sparkler mania--we also set off some fireworks on the 5th and went to the parade. My favorites:

Karson and Betsy's little Izzie (we were her biggest fans :)

The giant that started eating people... creepy

Sylvia's snow-cone-induced blue lips/teeth

The mayor's shirt:

By the way, Jason Chaffetz is the man. His fancy car comes by, with the driver and the sign on the side saying his name/position... but no Jason. Hmmm, where could he be? He's walking all over the place shaking hands and talking to people, then running to catch up with his ride. I'll say one thing: this man gets props for being a peoples' guy, and I appreciate that. (The whole sleeping-on-a-cot-in-Washington certainly doesn't hurt too.) The guy has integrity.

Running to catch up with his ride:

The cute old war veterans

(Hats off to them for still fitting into their uniforms...)

This guy strutting his stuff and waving with great pomp and flourish


The little man holding his own...

And of course... the bagpipe people! They're always my favorite.


  1. what? Lydia? No picture of you're favorite E.P. leading the Classical 89 float? ;)

  2. Darn I didn't see you! And I thought you were still shooting a documentary in paradise.. You're just all over the place aren't you now :)

  3. Hey, I'll take long-legged brunette. But don't worry - one look at my screwed up tan and everyone will be running. As in MASSIVE dark line next to white skin on my arm. Oh gosh... wish you were here, though!

  4. oh the fake tanning... my mattress is permanently stained because of that junk!