Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring cleaning

I'm doing it again: the Big Purge.
And this has nothing to do with housework.
Every once in a while I see some random "friend" pop up on my facebook sidebar and I ask myself "Why?"
I never even talk to half these people, some I downright loathe, some I've met maybe once or twice, some make me gag with their TMI status updates or exasperating "inspiring" quotes... so why in the world are we all facebook "friends"?
Which brings on another point: why do I spend so much time on facebook in the first place? But that's another story entirely

So, nothing personal, but...

Farewell, awkward guy I went on a date with once and never spoke to again... Farewell, peppy happy girl that uses too many smiley faces... Farewell, random person whose name I... really don't recognize at all!

Maybe I should just delete my account altogether...

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