Thursday, April 15, 2010

My summer list

The sun is finally out (hopefully to stay) and I'm more than a little bit ready for the summer... And here's my/our list:

1) catch a praying mantis (ok, this one really isn't on Andrew's list...)
2) hike up to the timp caves
3) spend an entire day reading a book, pausing only for food
4) tube down provo river
5) get my driver’s license (woohoo!)
6) take a ton of pictures and improve my not-so-present skills
7) make our apartment lovely
8) finish my smooth dress
9) be an awesome Y-group leader :)
10) make a picnic blanket
11) go stargazing on said blanket
12) make homemade popsicles
13) find a new dance partner
14) learn a new piece on the piano (leaning towards Amelie right now…)
15) grow plants (cilantro and pansies are at the top of that list)
16) job shadow at ABC4?

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