Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Silence radio"

has it already been a week? yikes! actually, I have nothing to say, I've just been soaking it all in lately. It's good to be back. I'm slightly anxious about the upcoming year and having to be a serious person again. I'm excited for advanced reporting, but I also know it brings stressed-out-of-my-mind feelings with it... and I also very much want to be an anchor this year. Also, I came back from France with quite a few extra pounds of... we'll call it body mass. Hence the trying not to eat too much lately.

Oh, and we celebrated our second wedding anniversary Monday by watching the last Harry Potter and having dinner at Zupa's. Harry Potter was awesome. (Andrew is too, of course)

And I finally get to go back to the hairdresser's this weekend! Getting any sort of service in France is... not cheap. Thank goodness for hair school.

There, you survived a series of completely mundane sentences. Well, the anniversary wasn't mundane. It was awesome actually. Isn't my life so exciting?

(Insert plenty of things about failure that I almost wrote publicly on this blog. Awkward.)

Subject change!

Check out the new apartment (not entirely settled, but getting there. And I'm aware the photos aren't great quality, but hey the place isn't even finished yet. I plan to have a proper housewarming first):

Couches -- plural! 
You mean I get my OWN closet? Gasp!

A pantry just for us? Aw shucks

We're getting there

 Come visit why don't ya!

Oh, did I mention my back was KILLING me for the past month or so, and going to a chiropractor just made it feel worse? Awesome!


  1. i get to have my own closet now too! isn't it the best? good luck finishing up the settling in!

  2. I love the organized closet, makes me really happy. I sure wish I could have come visited your apartment yesterday!! Wish we could have had longer. Another time for sure.