Friday, August 5, 2011

I didn't think I was a stripe kind of girl

But everyone can find their match. And this color combo was just yelling "wear me Lydia!" from the hanger, so being the kind person that I am I obliged.

Also, I FINALLY finished these pants. You wouldn't believe how long I had this fabric... then the time it took me to finally cut the fabric. A month later, I started sewing, but didn't have the proper thread. Then, it turned out the pattern was ridiculously over-sized and they looked like clown pants, so I had to rip apart almost all the seams and redo the entire waist/belt section... at which point I sewed them too tight and had to rip apart the side seams and re-position the pockets, and by that point I just gave up for a while. But this time... perfect!


  1. I love stripes, these look great on you.

  2. hey thanks! Nice to meet you :)