Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just another late-night rant

I hate how sometimes people will congratulate you for something but manage to give themselves a pat on the back at the same time. "Welcome to the club, married life is great" and other statements like it seem to banalize your personal experience. "Hey, you have a baby too now! Isn't being a mother so incredible?"

So I realize it's not that horrible, really, and I understand the idea of relishing the common experience, yet a lot of the time I get the sense people are really saying "oh look, I did so-and-so before you and I'm just one step ahead of you. Because this is actually a competition."

That, and trying to put people into the same "club" or "box" just doesn't work. A new mother is in awe at the wonder of her new experience, a newlywed is blissfully excited about their spouse (barring postpartum or honeymoon blues), and hopefully doesn't care about having attained some idiotic status symbol or joined some special "club." And as much as we like to think we know other people, each experience is unique.

Saying that my life is exactly like yours cheapens my experience, because believe it or not I don't care to be like you, or anybody else. I think to a degree we all want to live life at our own pace and discover it with new eyes.

Also, since I'm already being snooty, I want this saying on a shirt:


  1. I like the shirt design. Such a pity that English doesn't have noun declensions to differentiate the vocative case from the accusative.

  2. Is this your way of announcing you are having a baby ?!? ;)

  3. No no no! don't you go starting rumors!

    The pregnancy bit I've heard/seen people say things like that to friends, so no. Don't worry, I'll be very obvious about it when the time comes!